I am proud to have agreed to become Ambassador for Ayon Audio. I have always been passionate about high-end products, holding them in great esteem, because at home I expect the same emotions that I get when listening to live music and so I have chosen to use a home hifi system made up of equipment which is technically perfect and able to recreate the atmosphere and emotions of top theatres.

That is why I use Ayon hifi stereo systems in my own home, having paid close attention from the outset to their excellent performance and imagining that one day I would go to Styria to see how my best-loved “jewels” are made. At last that day has come, along with the pleasure of getting to know the designers and managers of this wonderful Austrian company. I have been able to see the tremendous care that goes into handcrafting this equipment which literally recreates live concerts in my living room in Genoa. The decision to set out together on an itinerary during which, whenever possible, I will take part in international events where Ayon is protagonist just came naturally.  In our opinion, this synergy will draw musicians closer to the revolutionary world of Ayon, letting this Austrian name into the lives of people who, like me, expect to get the most out of listening, not only at the theatre but also at home.



Ayon Audio is an award-winning Austrian company and since 1994 offers the most extensive and highly regarded range of vacuum tube electronics and loudspeakers for hi-end domestic reproduction of music. Ayon Audio are passionate ambassadors for tube amplification, so deeply convinced to have their own tubes production facility in the Czech Republic. Ayon is based in a lovely peaceful place in the mid of the forest of Styria (AT) where they develop and hand-craft ground-breaking performance audio products, free from any industrial environment stress. Ayon’s project is to recreate the live event in people’s house, so that closing eyes the listener locates musicians in space conveying emotions like live concerts “goose bumps”. Ayon’s unique target is performance and their obsessive seek for realism, pushed them conquering a number of records in audio such as: first tube D/A converter, first tube DSD converter,  first tube external power supply for CD players and then again for streamers. With 45 countries coverage Ayon is diffusely present as a performance and emotional reference world wide. The Absolute Sound magazine named Ayon as “The Bugatti of audio” (cover story March 2011) so if you can’t push a whole orchestra in your living room, just close your eyes and let yourself drown into Ayon’s emotions.

Photo © Giulio De Paoli