Cartier and I

It was at the 2019 New Year Concert at La Fenice in Venice that my partnership with Cartier also began. As is my wont, I approached their world to get to know the great Cartier South-East Europe team before becoming a Friend of the brand (as they call us at Cartier). I met inspired managers who love to establish a discreet rapport, counting on international recognition of Cartier jewellery. They have interpreted my desire to be elegant for my audience at concerts.

I am privileged to be able to wear the designs which have struck me most and to take part in their events, where they love to bring together different artists united by their taste for beauty in all its forms.

Those are always good times when we see each other at the boutique in via Montenapoleone to choose the cufflinks that I will wear at La Scala or in London or Chicago.